Save Hades!

Day 3

The Sphinx lays before the burning forge that is the new gates to Hades. It taunts the slayers of Cerberus that brawn won’t help them through the flames. Perhaps those whose wit is as keen as their blade could decipher its riddle. Solve it and extinguish the forge. Fail, and suffer death. Think hard!
“What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, three legs in the evening, and no legs at night?”
Answer- A man.
(The soul of Bard is there as back up. He will exclaim that he knows the answer if the players have trouble. [Diplomacy] (DC 12) Extract answer from him. Or allow or more creative methods.)
The sphinx throws itself into the forge causing it to extinguish.
The horde behind them gasps and mutters. Who are these extraordinary saviors? The group presses on and walking through the smoldering ashes, the smell of brimstone and burnt flesh radiate among the putrid air. The horde follows in astonishment. The river ahead gets closer and closer.

Cross river Styx
Charon- “Ever since Tantalus came out of Tartarus things have been going to hell.”
“Some how he got ”/characters/hephaetus" class=“wiki-content-link”>Hephaetus to drag him out and build him that giant forge. If you ask me, he’s compensating for something."
“Not like it’s any of my business, but how’s a guy supposed to make a living down here with no customers?”
“Watch out on the other side, something nasty has popped up in Elysium. Looks like it’s turning the souls from heroes to zeros.”
“Don’t forget to tip your ferryman, in fact it’s required.”

Elysian Fields
There isn’t much room between the shore and the gnarled black trees the weave through each other. The wind blows and makes an ear-piercing whistle through all the nooks and crannies. The team will meet much resistance from corrupt heroes in these forests. While they are many in number, they are easily defeated by a single swipe.
Diomedes, Achillis, Ajax save group during last encounter.
Level up.

After spending sometime with the Achaeans, the group is off again. It only takes a little bit further for them to come upon a series of rock crags. Hephaetus is spotted near the opening. As soon as he sees the adventurers, he bolts it into the crag.

Chase Down Hephaetus.

Success-Lead to palace of Hades. Upgrade weapons with hammer.
“Don’t hurt me! Don’t hurt me! I’ll take you to the palace if you don’t. Tantalus is too strong for me to hold any power over him anyway. I fear our alliance has been short lived. He doesn’t need me any more.”
Fail- Takes longer to navigate crag. (Potential punishment here)



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