Save Hades!

Day 4

We are now at the foot of the palace. Persephone cries on the steps.
“I suppose you’re here to drag me to that lame’s quarters now. Why me? Why me Zeus? I eat some pomegranate seeds and suddenly it’s the biggest mistake of my life! First I’m forced into marriage to a money grubbing recluse. Then once he’s gone, to a munchkin with a bum leg and an inferiority complex! Never did anyone stop to ask me if I was okay with it. But I guess that’s how the gods like it. Their way or the highway, or underpass I should say.”

Once the group reveals they’re here to rid Hades of the foul hearted Tantalus, her demeanor changes.

“Oh thank Athena! Someone with some sense! Inside here, King Tantalus has Hades locked up inside a phylactery. It’s at the end of the great chamber. Surely you’ll meet resistance and many traps. He will only show his face if he has to. Be quick and release Hades! An alliance with him will surely bring victory!”

Ascend the cold black steps. Gold door with portrait of levels of Hades, symbol of Hades puzzle. Nothing stirs within and seems to absorb any light. Suddenly, blue wisps of light bleed through the walls. Eidolons if the form of daemons wearing full-plate make their slow trek toward the adventurers. They form a semi-circle, separating the group from the entrance. The only place to move is toward the other end of the chamber.

[Intelligence] (DC 7)
They boxing you in for a reason. They want to route them toward the direction of danger. They should hold their ground where they stand. If anyone should move further, it should be very meticulously.
Eidolons fended off by warriors
Rogue goes through hallway traps.

Success- Smashes phylactery
Hades and Lich Tantalus battle.

Tantalus is defeated. Hades tears through the dimensions and send Tantalus to an even worse fate than before. He is now at the mercy of the titans.

Hades acknowledges with only a look of indifference with a hint of appreciation. “Mortals, you have my gratitude, and with that, my gold as well.” A decanter appears before them. Upon inspection, it’s filled with gold coins. Turning it upside down reveals that it endlessly produces them. With a flick of the wrist, he summons Thanatos who scoops up the warriors and flies them to the shores of Hades. There they see the soul of Omplios.



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