Save Hades!

Day 4

We are now at the foot of the palace. Persephone cries on the steps.
“I suppose you’re here to drag me to that lame’s quarters now. Why me? Why me Zeus? I eat some pomegranate seeds and suddenly it’s the biggest mistake of my life! First I’m forced into marriage to a money grubbing recluse. Then once he’s gone, to a munchkin with a bum leg and an inferiority complex! Never did anyone stop to ask me if I was okay with it. But I guess that’s how the gods like it. Their way or the highway, or underpass I should say.”

Once the group reveals they’re here to rid Hades of the foul hearted Tantalus, her demeanor changes.

“Oh thank Athena! Someone with some sense! Inside here, King Tantalus has Hades locked up inside a phylactery. It’s at the end of the great chamber. Surely you’ll meet resistance and many traps. He will only show his face if he has to. Be quick and release Hades! An alliance with him will surely bring victory!”

Ascend the cold black steps. Gold door with portrait of levels of Hades, symbol of Hades puzzle. Nothing stirs within and seems to absorb any light. Suddenly, blue wisps of light bleed through the walls. Eidolons if the form of daemons wearing full-plate make their slow trek toward the adventurers. They form a semi-circle, separating the group from the entrance. The only place to move is toward the other end of the chamber.

[Intelligence] (DC 7)
They boxing you in for a reason. They want to route them toward the direction of danger. They should hold their ground where they stand. If anyone should move further, it should be very meticulously.
Eidolons fended off by warriors
Rogue goes through hallway traps.

Success- Smashes phylactery
Hades and Lich Tantalus battle.

Tantalus is defeated. Hades tears through the dimensions and send Tantalus to an even worse fate than before. He is now at the mercy of the titans.

Hades acknowledges with only a look of indifference with a hint of appreciation. “Mortals, you have my gratitude, and with that, my gold as well.” A decanter appears before them. Upon inspection, it’s filled with gold coins. Turning it upside down reveals that it endlessly produces them. With a flick of the wrist, he summons Thanatos who scoops up the warriors and flies them to the shores of Hades. There they see the soul of Omplios.

Day 3

The Sphinx lays before the burning forge that is the new gates to Hades. It taunts the slayers of Cerberus that brawn won’t help them through the flames. Perhaps those whose wit is as keen as their blade could decipher its riddle. Solve it and extinguish the forge. Fail, and suffer death. Think hard!
“What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, three legs in the evening, and no legs at night?”
Answer- A man.
(The soul of Bard is there as back up. He will exclaim that he knows the answer if the players have trouble. [Diplomacy] (DC 12) Extract answer from him. Or allow or more creative methods.)
The sphinx throws itself into the forge causing it to extinguish.
The horde behind them gasps and mutters. Who are these extraordinary saviors? The group presses on and walking through the smoldering ashes, the smell of brimstone and burnt flesh radiate among the putrid air. The horde follows in astonishment. The river ahead gets closer and closer.

Cross river Styx
Charon- “Ever since Tantalus came out of Tartarus things have been going to hell.”
“Some how he got ”/characters/hephaetus" class=“wiki-content-link”>Hephaetus to drag him out and build him that giant forge. If you ask me, he’s compensating for something."
“Not like it’s any of my business, but how’s a guy supposed to make a living down here with no customers?”
“Watch out on the other side, something nasty has popped up in Elysium. Looks like it’s turning the souls from heroes to zeros.”
“Don’t forget to tip your ferryman, in fact it’s required.”

Elysian Fields
There isn’t much room between the shore and the gnarled black trees the weave through each other. The wind blows and makes an ear-piercing whistle through all the nooks and crannies. The team will meet much resistance from corrupt heroes in these forests. While they are many in number, they are easily defeated by a single swipe.
Diomedes, Achillis, Ajax save group during last encounter.
Level up.

After spending sometime with the Achaeans, the group is off again. It only takes a little bit further for them to come upon a series of rock crags. Hephaetus is spotted near the opening. As soon as he sees the adventurers, he bolts it into the crag.

Chase Down Hephaetus.

Success-Lead to palace of Hades. Upgrade weapons with hammer.
“Don’t hurt me! Don’t hurt me! I’ll take you to the palace if you don’t. Tantalus is too strong for me to hold any power over him anyway. I fear our alliance has been short lived. He doesn’t need me any more.”
Fail- Takes longer to navigate crag. (Potential punishment here)

Day 2

The following morning, the team sets sail with the salty wind behind their backs. The day is uneventful. They may become acquainted with the crew but each conversation won’t last more than a few sentences since their busy tending the ship. Depending on if they encountered the tavern brawl last night, the crew might sing their praise. They may take time now to discuss their journey and prospects of the outcome.

Mid-afternoon comes and another vessel is spotted heading toward the ship. As it comes closer it’s noticeable that it is a ghost ship. Sails are partially torn and there’s no life to be seen on the decks. Corpses are sparsely laid out in the sun, so dried from the heat that their skin tightly wraps their bones. Pieces are missing from them picked away by birds. Halius’ men are spooked seeing how it’s indeterminable how they all died. A plague perhaps? He commands everyone to steer clear of the bodies. Once close enough, the crew goes to work tying ropes and boarding the ship to search for anyone living and cargo. The whole ship reeks of carrion. The adventurers might offer to help the crew. This might cause for an interesting encounter if the party is split. (Fighter might be below deck when the brawl starts) Carrying crates up from the lower decks, everyone freezes as the skeletons arise. Before they can drop their booty and reach for their weapons, the skeletons are upon them. The deck turns into a bloodbath as the skeleton crew begins to hack away at the unsuspecting men.

8 Skeleton Crew

Halius is grateful for having the Athenian heroes on his ship when he most needed them. They collect their dead and wrap them up for a sea burial. As they’re performing the funeral rites. A few bodies begin to moan and wiggle in their bags. The bags are cut open to reveal some of the bodies are alive again.
“Cerberus has gone mad! It’s as if he serves no one now. Hermes does battle with the beast but is only a distraction so as to not cause carnage against the loitering souls littering the shore. I hate to see what is to become of him when he tires and is unable to keep his footing against the beast. We feared it so that we leapt from the cliffs to return to our mortal bodies. What a mistake! The pain is worse than before death! Do not bury us here I beg you. Return us to the shore so that we may have another chance at peace. With your help warriors, Hermes may be able to subdue the rapid dog.”

It takes another couple days of travel. Upon reaching the shore, it is just as described. Shoulder to shoulder are the souls of the dead. Upon a cliff peak, commotion can be spotted as well as people jumping but disappearing into thin air before hitting the rocks below.

Halius gets cold feet. " This is as far as I want to go. With Cerberus gone wild, I won’t endanger my crew further.

[Diplomacy] (DC 12)
(DC 8) Lower the DC by appealing to Halius that he needs to make sure his crew is laid to rest.
Success- Brings heroes close enough to get to shore without trouble.
Fail- [Swim] (DC 10)
Fail at Swim- Initiative loss.

Once on shore, the group makes their way through the thick crowd and see Cerberus and Hermes locked in combat while souls stare in amazement at these clashing giants.

Encounter Cerberus.
Hermes Allied in battle.

Cerberus lay slain.
“Live Athenians? You arrived just in time. I have been her for what seems like days. It only brings me more sadness that now this once loyal servant is laid to rest. I must flee at once to tell the rest of the Olympians of what has happened. Take this for your heroic effort.”
Hermes throws a vial of golden ichor to the group. Upon drinking will heal their wounds. The taste is that of metal. There’s just enough for everyone to drink once.

The raging flame feels like it could turn the heroes to ash just by standing near it. Never the less, they must continue further to inspect.

Day 1

Our adventurers casually stroll through the busy mid-day market. The bustling of tradesman and artisans meetings patrons brings comfort to them. Having recently solidified their Athenian citizenship, the heavy flow of commerce is a measurement of power of this Greek city-state.

[Perception] (DC 10)
Some of the party sees a small man of middle age pandering to strangers. What he wants is uncertain, but it surly causes him distress.

[Streetwise] (DC 10)
Normally a man after gold is more cunning and calm.

[Will the party confront this fellow citizen to see what ails him?]
(Yes- Read Below; No- Have the man confront them before they have a chance to leave the area)

“Please, please! My names is Otos. By the gods themselves, a curse is cast upon our this land! I have witnessed the passing of my father ”/characters/omplios" class=“wiki-content-link”>Omplios. Now Hades ask me to live through it again. His body moves with life but, whether it is his soul in there, I do not know! Will you come noble citizens? Help seek peace for my father’s mortal remains?"

[Sense Motive] (DC 10- He’s telling the truth)
[The party should most likely unanimously agree to at least inspect it. Those who are reluctant could be enticed by at least wanting to see if the man speaks truth or is a mad fool. The two views would create an interesting party dynamic]

Otos leads everyone outside the city walls to the poor slums where his family resides. His two young sons are tending the tiny 30×30ft field adjacent to the shack. They stop cold to stare as the heroes enter their home. They find a woman in the main room is bedside to what looks like an undead abomination in the form of an old man. The stench in the air is foul. He’s whiter than the sheets he lay on. His eyes are bulging. He coughs and chokes, but whether he is breathing is uncertain.

“I knew him to be dead. His heart was stopped. Late in the night I heard the noise he currently poisons the air with.” -Otos

[Perception] (DC 15-18-20)
Success- Heroes decipher a few words from Omplios’ speech.
15-“Celestial flame” 18-“At the gates” 20-“Cerberus”

“If this is not the sign of chaos in the realm of Hades then I know not a Satyr from a sheep. I ask one more favor from you Athenians. Please, go to our temple and invoke the name of Athena. She will listen to the prayers of your adventurous hearts over a humble peasant such as I. Go outside and tell my eldest son, Ono, to give you a lamb for an offering at the temple.”- Otos

The Heroes exit. Before they even have to ask. Ono is leading a lamb by a collar toward them. He offers the rein to [Roll randomly to determine whom]. The walk is long to the temple. It is evening in Athens and the time for commerce is fading. The city is drowning in a red-orange glow from the sinking sun. In combination with what they’ve witnessed and the eerily empty streets, the tone should be solemn.

They arrive at the temple. The place is scarce but nobles and peasants alike are praying. There is no hierarchy here.
[Knowledge Religion] (DC 5)
Success- Perform rite of summoning.
" I begin to sing of Pallas Athene, the glorious goddess, bright-eyed, inventive, unbending of heart, pure virgin, saviour of cities, courageous, Tritogeneia. From his awful head wise Zeus himself bare her arrayed in warlike arms of flashing gold, and awe seized all the gods as they gazed. But Athena sprang quickly from the immortal head and stood before Zeus who holds the aegis, shaking a sharp spear: great Olympus began to reel horribly at the might of the bright-eyed goddess, and earth round about cried fearfully, and the sea was moved and tossed with dark waves, while foam burst forth suddenly"

Time freezes. Athena herself manifests in front of the eyes of the adventurers.

“Heroes after my own heart, you have come to me because you would listen and care for those less fortunate when no one else would. That is a sure sign of the courageous. It is because of this I offer unto you a means to find the answers you seek.” [She scoops the lamb up into her arms and pets it gently] “A Pheaecian sailor resides at the local port tavern. His name is ”/characters/halius-1" class=“wiki-content-link”>Halius. He sailed with the now King of Ithaca, Odysseus. Cunning Odysseus who sailed to Hades once for the wisdom of the soothsayer Tireseus. Halius knows his tale by heart and has the power to enter the realm of the dead. However, he will need convincing. Whether it be gold or a silver tongue (winks at the rogue of the group), he will only need a gentle shove to want to leave port for it is a hidden desire of his to witness the underworld. Go now and leave for the gates of hell before the sun rises."

Time is restored and everyone in the temple goes about their business without having any knowledge of the divinity that was before them. The heroes now make their way down to Port Tavern.

The tavern is full tonight and is louder than the streets are during the day
Halius resides with his crew at a table towards the back. The group will need to decipher for themselves where Halius is within the tavern.

Shout out his name- [Perception] (DC 13)
Halius will be the only man to not to look up at the group.

[Streetwise] (DC 10)
Ask various patrons where to find the sailor.

Approaching the table, all men are in the middle drinking and merriment. The noise slowly dies as the group gets closer. Halius will be reluctant to give a straight answer whether he can complete the task. He also will try to extort as much money as possible from the group.

[Appraise] (DC 15) – The actual cost of renting such a vessel for the alloted time.
[Bluff] (DC 14) – Lying about the amount of gold the group has.
[Diplomacy] (DC10) – Appealing to the idea of witnessing the Hades for themselves. A glimpse of death in life. Secretly, Halius has always wanted to find the realm of the dead since Odysseus had told him of his own venture there. Fear has always kept him back.

A fight can break out between some of Halius’ crew and other patrons. Using non-lethal damage (lethal damage would be illegal), subdue the violent drunks and solidify your new partnership with Halius.

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